We are permanently closed.

We are sad to announce that we will be permanently closing our doors from Sunday 15th March 2020. Please see full statement on our home page.

About Gourmet Burger Bistro

About Gourmet Burger Bistro

All of our burgers are made from the finest Irish meats that are 100% organic, naturally reared, free range and sourced locally from producers here in Cork where possible. We char-grill our burgers and chicken fillets and serve the in a freshly baked bap with a light spread of real mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and red onion. If you have any special dietary requirements please tell your server so that we can accommodate you where possible. Most of our dishes are suitable for coeliacs if you let us know as we have gluten free alternatives. We take customer feedback seriously so please let us know if you have any suggestions to help us serve you better.


Really enjoyed the whole experience there, and the food was really good, will definitely be back! :-)

Visited on: 07-Jun-2014 Posted By:kathy.barron (Status: Connoisseur) 10-Jun-2014

Terrific burgers. Friendly staff. Great overall experience.

Visited on: 20-May-2014 Posted By:cillian85 (Status: Connoisseur) 21-May-2014

Seriously good burgers! Great choice of salads if you don’t want a burger which is really good. Atmosphere really good, restaurant was busy yet the service was excellent.

Visited on: 16-May-2014 Posted By:siobhainoh (Status: Connoisseur) 19-May-2014

Friendly staff and excellent burgers. Top notch.

Visited on: 11-May-2014 Posted By:cillian85 (Status: Connoisseur) 12-May-2014

Lovely, as always. I’ve eaten here many time and always been so happy with the food and the service, cannot recommend enough

Visited on: 07-May-2014 Posted By:aoifeoleary91 (Status: Connoisseur) 08-May-2014

Beautiful food and even better service! The staff were extremely attentive and polite. Would highly recommend.

Visited on: 30-Apr-2012 Posted By:Cathryn.daly (Status: Connoisseur) 01-May-2014

Very Good ! I would recommend.

Visited on: 24-Apr-2014 Posted By:mellalaus (Status: Connoisseur) 28-Apr-2014

Fantastic food and great service

Visited on: 19-Apr-2014 Posted By:madmelie (Status: Connoisseur) 22-Apr-2014

Good place for lunch, would recommend and will be back!

Visited on: 17-Apr-2014 Posted By:fergalcol (Status: Connoisseur) 22-Apr-2014

Excellent food. Best burgers in Cork city. The also cater for coeliacs by offering gluten free buns and beer. Very good

Visited on: 04-Apr-2014 Posted By:Fair-O (Status: Connoisseur) 07-Apr-2014

Probably the best burger I’ve ever had. Friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

Visited on: 07-Mar-2014 Posted By:cillian85 (Status: Connoisseur) 10-Mar-2014

Lovely atmosphere

Visited on: 01-Mar-2014 Posted By:110354743 (Status: Connoisseur) 03-Mar-2014


Visited on: 07-Feb-2014 Posted By:werner.sven (Status: Connoisseur) 11-Feb-2014

Food served quickly. Service excellent. Good value for money

Visited on: 24-Jan-2014 Posted By:Koflynn500@hotmail,com (Status: Connoisseur) 25-Jan-2014

Really nice staff and great burgers.

Visited on: 19-Jan-2014 Posted By:kevinmccarthy1 (Status: Connoisseur) 20-Jan-2014

Great food and great service

Visited on: 17-Jan-2014 Posted By:seandaly777 (Status: Connoisseur) 25-Jan-2014

Lovely excellent value food in a relaxed atmosphere with great staff. Loved it.

Visited on: 21-Dec-2013 Posted By:lisakeating777 (Status: Connoisseur) 10-Jan-2014

Popped in before panto at Everyman. The best food I have eaten in a long time. Great service and fantastic deserts. The burger was top class. I honestly couldn’t recommend this place highly enough. Go check it out. n

Visited on: 28-Dec-2012 Posted By:lisakeating777 (Status: Connoisseur) 10-Jan-2014

everything was lovely. staff were friendly & efficient. defo going back

Visited on: 14-Dec-2013 Posted By:lisakeating777 (Status: Connoisseur) 10-Jan-2014

Gourmet burger is just down the street from where I live. I’ve tried pretty much every eatery in cork city. I do not return to a restaurant if I get bad service. Gourmet staff and owner Michael make me feel like a rockstar each time I walk through the door. Their food is freshly prepared to order and I’m never disappointed. They cater to my very fussy diet with pleasure and never make me feel bad about being a fussy eater. I always order a dish thats not on the menu, they are fantastic to make suggestions for me an never fail to please. I’ve eaten there with large groups, we’ve been very challenging customers. They have never lost their cool, always polite an professional. I dine there a lot by myself an no matter how busy they are, they always make room for me n make me feel welcome. I can honestly say, there is no other restaurant in cork city or county for that matter that compares to gourmet burger, as far as service, food, hospitality, value and atmosphere is concerned. I’ve taken lots of friends an family there and eone agrees with me, it’s a 5 star eatery for 1 star prices! Doesn’t get any better then that. Lisa Keating nnn

Visited on: 09-Jan-2013 Posted By:lisakeating777 (Status: Connoisseur) 10-Jan-2014

Lovely food, great service and very pleasant staff!

Visited on: 31-Dec-2013 Posted By:kate (Status: Connoisseur) 09-Jan-2014

Brilliant place to eat! It is my ‘go to’ restaurant to dine in the city, always excellent. Food is a bit different and something to suit everyone, especially vegetarians. Staff are lovely, atmosphere terrific and very reasonably priced. On a very busy New Years Eve everything was as good as ever. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Visited on: 31-Dec-2013 Posted By:slohsox (Status: Connoisseur) 02-Jan-2014

Great food, great staff, great value*****

Visited on: 14-Dec-2013 Posted By:bluetuliplil1 (Status: Connoisseur) 16-Dec-2013

Fabulous staff and lovely casual atmosphere. Fast service and really tasty. Will be back again

Visited on: 30-Nov-2013 Posted By:ruthie.fevan (Status: Connoisseur) 02-Dec-2013

Visited here with a voucher from Menupages….to sample this fare for the first time. We had the French and Vampire burgers & how GOOD were they! My only regret is that I couldn’t sample the nice red wine on offer (but I won’t be driving the next time I go back there). Great value for a casual night out. Staff are very friendly & atmosphere is much better than I’ve indicated (marker refusing to slide……). Buy the deal & try it out!

Visited on: 18-Nov-2013 Posted By:Macrel2904 (Status: Connoisseur) 19-Nov-2013

Superb Burgers and deserts to die for. The food is superb, the staff are friendly, polite and really helpful. What more does one need..!

Visited on: 17-Nov-2013 Posted By:suaimhneas (Status: Connoisseur) 18-Nov-2013

My girlfriend and I shared a plate of garlic bread with cheese as a starter which was delicious and set us in the right mood. My girlfriend then had the special of the day which was a burger with cheese, mushrooms and a pepper sauce and I had the a-la-carte Spicy French Burger with Brie cheese and da sweet chili sauce. Both burgers were served promptly on a big plate with a little bucket of delicious salted chips/fries and both with a little flag on top of them, indicating what burger it was (a French flag on mine, a Gourmet Burger Bistro flag on hers) which I found a lovely little touch. The burgers then absolutely lived up to our expectations. The meat was fresh, tender and delicious, the toppings were perfect and the size was just right. Often in a burger restaurant like this one they go way over the top with the size of the burger which is no joy if you have to force yourself to finish it off because you’re full halfway through. These ones in the Gourmet Burger Bistro were just perfect. We also had the highly recommended onion rings as a side serving which were absolutely divine. No matter what you eat there do get yourself the treat of these amazing onion rings. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very nice as well: it’s not too big so there’s not too much noise. The service as well was excellent. As soon as we opened the door a waitress came up to us to show us our table. We were pretty much the first visitors in the place but soon after us a stream of people came in and not once did the two waitresses or the cashier fail to welcome each and every one of them, no matter how busy it was. Our orders were taken promptly and all our questions were answered, the food was delivered quickly as well. In the end, we would have loved to get some desserts as well because the selection sounds absolutely delicious, but we were just too stuffed to fit in any more. So, we will definitely come back, even if it’s only to also get a go with the desserts.

Visited on: 10-Oct-2013 Posted By:leSpring (Status: Connoisseur) 16-Oct-2013

Excellent food. Catered for coeliac options. Would recommend this restaurant. Best burger in town.

Visited on: 06-Sep-2013 Posted By:Fair-O (Status: Connoisseur) 09-Sep-2013

The burgers were oh so delicious

Visited on: 16-Aug-2013 Posted By:durcik_m (Status: Connoisseur) 19-Aug-2013

Very nice meal served with a smile! Will return hopefully.

Visited on: 14-Aug-2013 Posted By:howel (Status: Connoisseur) 15-Aug-2013

Food was excellent as always. Large portions. Excellent value for money. I got the halloumi burger which was really tasty- generous amount of halloumi in a large bap and loads of fries and a salad. My husband had the chicken breast and Dubliner Irish Cheese in a bap which he loved. Service is very fast. Love that they have veggie options on the menu i.e. halloumi burger, falafel burger and halloumi salad and there was a veggie burger on the Specials menu so they are definitely veggie friendly which is great as it is so hard to get a nice veggie burger in Cork. One downside would be that the toilets are located downstairs but besides that I couldn’t fault Gourmet Burger.

Visited on: 05-Jul-2013 Posted By:lindahally (Status: Connoisseur) 09-Jul-2013

Food great as always. I got the halloumi burger. Love that it is a grand big portion – such good value for money – service is fast and efficient – staff are friendly – what more could you ask for. Hubby got the special which was a chicken breast in a burger which he loved. Fries are so tasty as well. Great to see that one of their specials is another veggie option i.e. veggie burger. Am always recommending this place!

Visited on: 05-Jul-2013 Posted By:lindahally (Status: Connoisseur) 08-Jul-2013

Lovely place. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Food was AMAZING!! Nice selection of craft beer and cider. All in great experience.

Visited on: 04-Jul-2013 Posted By:ciarabucks (Status: Connoisseur) 05-Jul-2013

Burgers don’t come much better than this. Other fishers are also served so there is something for everybody. Coeliac and vegetarian options also

Visited on: 01-Mar-2013 Posted By:barry0sullivan78 (Status: Connoisseur) 11-Mar-2013

A great place for a fairly fast, decent lunch – not too sure about dinner. Been a few times – but the last one was just before Xmas when restaurants are rarely at their best. For lunch it is family-friendly and fairly fast. You get what you’d expect – very nice burgers (beef, chicken or lamb), some OK veggie options (a mushroom or haloumi burger) and good home-made chips. For dinner it’s exactly the same as far as I can tell: 17 different ways of dressing up a burger! The does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a mid-price, convenient, family-friendly place for lunch or a fast dinner. Not somewhere to linger and nowhere you’ll be raving to friends about (unless you really love burgers), but sometimes you need this sort of place. No fuss, no pretensions, just decent food at a not-outrageous price.

Visited on: 20-Dec-2011 Posted By:AmuseBouche (Status: Connoisseur) 08-Mar-2012

Excellent little burger joint. The day we went there were 4 or 5 other tables with families with small children. The menu and atmosphere were family friendly without being too childish. The decor was nice. My husband said that if ever he were to open a food place, he’d want it to be like that. i wasn’t hugely hungry so i asked could i order a child size portion and that was no problem. The service was quick and quiet. The food was good. Decent burgers with proper ketchup on every table. Good chips too. Would go back.

Visited on: 26-Nov-2011 Posted By:azzo58 (Status: Connoisseur) 19-Dec-2011

I’d highly recommend this un-assuming spot, and not related to the large Gourmet Burger chain…. Great burgers, tasty chips and a great selection of beers and wines to wash them down. I had the advocado bacon and cheese burger washed down by a couple of pints of Murphys.. The bright interior may not look that enticing but the food is well worth it..

Visited on: 30-Jun-2011 Posted By:khylo (Status: Connoisseur) 06-Jul-2011

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